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Personal injury. It can happen to you. Your life takes another turn from one moment to the next. Just for a brief moment, or forever.

The impact of personal injury can be huge. We are not going to claim that we can change that. Everyone goes through their own bereavement process and has every right to it. What we do claim and promise you: we will do our utmost to bring your life back as much as possible to what it was like before that one decisive moment. After all, you deserve the highest possible compensation. Also, we try to do anything to let you experience joy in life again. How do we do that? With the possibilities that the legal system offers us. With creativity. And with the help of various experts. In this way we look for ways to let you keep that fantastic job. Or that great hobby. If special tools are needed, we ensure that they can be developed.

Nobody wants personal injury. But it doesn’t mean that it is impossible to find your joy in life (again). Our goal is to ensure that you do not have to give up more. What can we do for you?

Traffic accidents

Traffic participants who violate rules and cause an accident are liable for any resulting damage.

Work-related accidents

Work-related accidents also cause a lot of personal injury. This applies, for example, in construction and industry, where hazardous materials and machines are used.


When someone passes away as a result of an event for which another person is liable, the right offers the possibility to claim damages.


It is of course very sad when you undergo a medical procedure that turns out differently than expected, often with (serious) permanent injuries as a result. How do you deal with this as a victim and what should you do to get compensation for your damage?

Animal liability

Animals can be incalculable. Therefore, the legislator has determined that the owner of an animal that causes damage is liable for that damage.

Product liability

In principle, a producer is liable for damage caused by the defect in his product.

Sports and Games

Accidents that can occur during sports or, for example, during a gym class at school.



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